In a fast evolving world, you need to anticipate by a better knowledge of what is inside all the datas you have collected. We are here to help you imagine your own future !

Big Data

You have big amounts of informations but wonder how to find the keys. Data mining and Business Intelligence helps you, but you're still not having clues about future.


YottaMining brings an full range of analytic solutions to understand what's hidden in datas and helps predict customer behavior.

How to ?

YottaMining automatically is a real expert system that does the hard math to show you the most relevant facts, patterns and behaviors.

See the future ... and discover who react to your offer ! YottaMining artificial intelligence is dedicated to help you browse the huge, complex and dynamic data you've collected and gain deeper understanding of your key opportunities.


You'll never reach the customer first if you're in the same plane than your competitors !


Take time to grab information and study them to understand with confidence.


Build a system that confirm your ideas and make opportunities happen.


Some concrete examples of our work

Credit scoring

We dramatically improve the way financial companies are struggling with datas to sort valuable customers from risky ones.


Ever dreamed of better targeting interested customers ?

Debt collection

Outstanding results comes from precise knowledge, smart actions ... we can leverage your expertise.